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Tea ceremony for today
– insights into sustainable living

Despite its origins in the Edo period, Sekishu-Isa tea ceremony remains relevant for society today facing never-ending challenges of global conflict and climate change. The core concepts of Sekishu-Isa are jison tason (respect yourself, respect others) and living in harmony with nature, which are values that still resonate strongly with modern society.


The spirit of the samurai tea ceremony can help train us to develop a steadfastness and harmony of the spirit, which can provide us with insights on how to “strive for virtue” and live sustainably with nature in our daily lives. The tearoom is the place to acquire learning, healing and awareness through the concept of “Ichiza Konryu,” meaning that not only the host but also the guests collaborate together to make the ceremony feel warm and embracing for everyone present.



 Thus, the tea ceremony is a space for everyone to behave with respect and courtesy, act thoughtfully, and together create a unique moment of beauty and harmony.

In this way, the tea ceremony serves as a kind of “ice breaker” to form good relationships with anyone regardless of who they are, whether they are colleagues, strangers and even (or especially) rivals and enable them to resolve any issues that may face us.

Despite its origins more than 300 years ago, the Samurai tea ceremony may be an old way of doing things that can give people today a fresh perspective for how to live their own lives meaningfully. We hope that the Sekishu-Isa tea ceremony in some small way can help contribute to creating a society that values peace, sustainability and living in harmony with each other

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